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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  November 29, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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he's doing well nonetheless. from this hospital, eventually, he'll be transferred back to his home where he'll continue to get checked in by those medics you just met. that's our show for today. if you missed any part of our show, check out remember, this is the place to the answer to all of your medical questions. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is cnn sunday morning for this november the 29th. i'm t.j. holmes. >> and i'm brianna keilar in for betty nguyen. thank you so much for starting your day with us. we have a whole lot of news to cover, so let's get right to it. >> the weather will be the news for a lot of folks out there. millions of you traveling home today after that long thanksgiving weekend. so we are going to keep the forecast up at the bottom. going to be showing you travel updates for several cities around the country. >> and also, reynolds wolf, we'll be visiting with him a whole lot. he has a quick look now at the
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travel forecast if you're heading out the door. reynolds? >> that's right, guys. we'll show you this very quickly. we have a pretty interesting weather scenario shaping up. a frontal boundary that extends over 1,000 miles from the great lakes clear down parts of the southern plains and along that boundary. we'll have scattered showers, maybe a few embedded thunderstorms and with that, we could even deal with some snowfall in the northern half of the great lakes. looks like we could have some messes there. one of the places that could be extremely busy, right along this frontal boundary could be right in parts of chicago. what we'll be doing very soon during the next weather update, we'll have a live report from o'hare airport to give us the very latest details about those holiday travelers and how things are going behind the scene there is at the airport. that's moments away. sit tight and we'll bring you the goodies in a few moments. >> oh, guess where i'm heading today? >> to the airport? >> chicago o'hare. >> oh, lucky you. good time. >> thanks, reynold. two days from now, president obama going to tell the world
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why he wants to send more u.s. forces to afghanistan. that is part of his plan. it's not going to surprise a lot of people, at least some parts of it. some of the troop numbers, expecting up to 34,000. some of that was leaked days ago. what we can expect from the president's speech that we haven't heard yet is details about an exit strategy. wednesday, white house officials said we wouldn't be in afghanistan by 2018, but then backed off the statement. in the past, general stanley mcchrystal, the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan, said a troop drawdown could start by 2013. nato will decide how many additional international forces it's willing to commit at a meeting scheduled for december 7th. but it has become more clear that british and possibly others are focused on withdrawal. gordon brown will host an international conference in london on january 28th to discuss turning security back over to afghan forces. and then there is this. there's a senate report out that says u.s. forces missed a key opportunity to capture osama bin laden in the afghan mountains of
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tora bora in december of 2001. so exactly what did happen out there? let's bring in our guy. a friend of our show on cnn saturday and sunday morning, cnn national security expert and expert on sblosama bin laden an all things in the afghan region, peter bergen. peter, good to have you with us. you know about this report that came out, quietly in some ways, about the opportunity lost to capture osama bin laden. it says, no, this movement of extremists wouldn't have stopped with his capture, but who would be different today if bin laden had been captured then? >> i think things would be different. you know, organizations need leaders and bin laden's been a very effective leader of al qaeda. 9/11 was his idea, to a large degree. he selected the targets and he's been an important symbolic figure for not only al qaeda, but every jihadist terrorist movement that has linked to it.
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if you capture or kill him, it's a significant impediment to these groups. >> we're waiting to hear from president obama coming up on tuesday. again, some of the numbers that have come out, 34,000, at least as pentagon officials say they're expecting, from the president. but beyond that, there's another conversation going on about a timetable. can you put a time stamp on when you want forces out? can you put a timetable on when afghan forces will be ready to secure their own country? >> t.j., i think it's very difficult. because the speech that the president will give on tuesday is going to have more than one audience. there is some sort of -- it's not going to be indefinite. on the other hand, you don't want to signal to the afghans and the pakistanis that the american commitment is somehow short-term. so you have to balance these two. and certainly, you don't want to put a date certain right now. you probably want to talk about some kind of conditions-based withdrawal, which would be with an afghan army that was really able to function independently in fairly large numbers.
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right now, that isn't happening. hamid karzai, the afghan president, said that might take five years. that's probably an optimistic -- it's going to take a wihile. >> and peter, you mentioned the american audience he'll have. some people believe that american audience could be the thing that really dictates what we do in afghanistan. how important is it and how much can the american audience dictate how long we'll be in afghanistan and exactly what we do in afghanistan. because a lot of americans might just get exhausted with this war, like they have in large measure to what's going on in iraq. >> well, exactly, t.j. all wars are political -- their politics conducted by other means and the afghan war is no different in the sense that more than half the american population is opposed to this war, is opposed to a troop increase and those numbers may go up. and that's reflected in congress. congress controls the money. there's even been some
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discussion in congress of putting in some kind of extra tax on the wealthy to pay for this war. so there are ways of congress reacting to its own constituents can put the brakes on the war, particularly when it comes to money. >> the last thing i'll ask about here, we talked about the audience he'll have, the american audience, but how is this war still being viewed around the world in terms of other people's -- other public's stomach for it. how difficult that makes it for leaders of those other countries to possibly help out. and what is the likelihood that we will see more engagement from and more troops from other members of nato? >> i think we're going to see small numbers of extra troops from nato, particularly, basically, to show symbolically they're part of this. i don't anticipate them being very large. the british, for instance, have promised 500. this war is not popular in europe, less popular in europe than it is in the united states. so that is a problem. >> peter bergen, we always appreciate having you and your expertise here with us.
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thank you, as always, and enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you, t.j.. >> and a reminder, president obama announcing his deployment of troops to afghanistan at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the 911 call reporting tiger woods' car accident to police could possibly be released today. but right now, woods and his wife, well, they just aren't talking. police have tried twice now to get their story and each time they've been sent away from his home. they're going to try again a third time today and our susan candiotti is in florida following the story. >> reporter: t.j. and brianna, good morning. florida highway patrol troopers say they're as surprised as anyone else why they haven't been able to hook up yet with tiger woods and his wife to take a statement after that traffic accident. they called it very unusual. the cracked up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods' cadillac suv. accident photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, wftv. the shots taken after police say the golfing phenom crashed into
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a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into a neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground semiunconscious and had lacerations to his upper and lower lip. police officers entered the gated upscale community on sunday to hear firsthand from woods about what caused him to lose control of his car at 2:30 in the morning on thanksgiving night. but on their way there, woods' agent called and said come back tomorrow. just after the accident, the mother of 2 was described as frantic, standing over her husband when police arrived. she said she bashed out a rear window with a golf club. >> she explained to my officers that the doors were locked and she could not gain entry. >> reporter: florida troopers released an initial report saying the alcohol was not alcohol related. woods has a squeaky clean image and is known for keeping his private life private. woods is not only golf's biggest draw and record-setting title
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holder, he's an endorsement powerhouse. everything from nike, golf, gatorade, and video game titan, ea sports. his wife and two children are only occasionally seen at tournaments. when his son was born last february, woods released this rare but heartwarming family portrait. under law, he is not required to make a statement to police. all he has to do is prove he is a driver's license, proof of registration and insurance. and perhaps today he'll do that. t.j. and brianna. >> all right. millions of travelers are headed home this morning, or somewhere, or to chicago. >> which isn't home, but it's where i'm going. so once people are in the air, are they at risk for catching h1n1? what they need to know, coming up. and something you don't see every day, an image of jesus with a nazi. and a manufacturer in germany
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oh, reynolds wolf. we just can't get enough of you today, and neither can all of the folks who are heading out on the road, waiting at the airport. what's going on? >> those poor people, my goodness. and it really is going to be a poor time for many people, especially if they happen to be traveling on the roadways. and of course, the airport, you'll have some headaches there, quite often, just because of the sheer volume of people that will be traveling not only today, but also tomorrow.
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the way things are stacking up right now, the biggest issue we're going to see is due to this big, blue, squiggly line, or what we refer to as a frontal boundary. this is not going to remain in place, it's going to drift to the east. as it does so, it's going to interact with moisture that's been streaming in from the gulf of mexico and it's going to be that boundary combined with that moisture interacting with cooler air aloft that's going to bring scattered showers and thunderstorms and with that, some delays. the top half of that system is going to be possibly a snowmaker for the upper peninsula, for parts of, say, maybe upper peninsula of michigan into wisconsin. maybe even the four corners in the desert southwest could deal with some snowfall. very heavy snow in the southern end of the rocky mountains. and as we get back to southern california, in the mountains we've wail had a touch of snow if a few places and scattered showers in places like san diego. for los angeles, we have a live image for you out of l.a.x. and people heading out there, you've got the dark skies, a few scattered clouds here and there, but it should be a fairly nice day for you overall. and if you take a look at the
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high temperatures you can anticipate there in los angeles, upper 60s can be expected. making a drive northward on 101 to san francisco, a little bit cooler there, with high temperatures going up to 65 degrees. you may have some fog out by alcatraz and along the embarcadero, pier 39 could have some issues too. 59 in seattle with scattered showers. 47 degrees in kansas city and666 here in atlanta. very quickly, here you go. new york metros, boston, philadelphia, st. louis, detroit, memphis, dallas and houston, what do these places have in common? all be seeing delays 15 minutes to 30 minutes, possibly longer. and speaking of airports, coming up, a live report from o'hare in chicago, give you an idea of how things are going to be there for all you travelers. back to you at the news desk. >> all right, reynolds. we'll be check check canning back with you quite a lot here shortly. well, tiger woods' private life has suddenly become very public and now people out there are asking, just who is mrs.
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woods? >> the woman with the golf club, right? a closer look at his wife still ahead on cnn sunday morning. pure cane sugar and the stevia plant. two of nature's sweetest wonders growing together under the same sun. and now for the first time, in new sun crystals ® . the only 100% natural sweetener made with pure cane sugar and stevia. finally, all the sweetness of nature and just 5 calories a packet. nature gave us the recipe; we just gave it a name. new sun crystals ® all natural sweetener. two natural wonders. one sweet taste™.
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8:16 am
lose my voice here. what's going on today? we're hearing big-time from all of you. let's take a look at this first one. >> we do have to win the hearts and minds of the afghanistan people, which is going to be extremely hard, which cannot just be accomplished through military power, through military might, which we have enough. looking back through vietnam, looking back at all the other wars we've fought in the 21st -- recently, not 21st century, but just recently, winning the military aspect is no problem for us. it's winning the political. >> there are a lot of people on the other side who say we need more troops, take a look. >> send more troops, but send the type of troops that will make a difference. you want troops that can help train the afghan people to defend themselves. i think that the state militias that are starting to form now are probably a good way to go. however, if you do send more troops, you need to make sure that they have a mission and they know what it is and they know when it will be completed.
8:17 am
>> so there you go. the two sides to the debate. a lot of people having that debate on i've got to pass it back to you guys. all of a sudden, my voice has completely disappeared. we definitely encourage you to weigh in on that debate. i've seen more on this topic the past week than i've seen over the last several months. a lot of people with strong opinions. keep them coming. >> thanks, josh. give you a break. and a lot of people, of course, they're on the roads, they're at the airports, this is a huge, huge travel day. >> a lot of people trying to get back home. it looks like, and thank goodness, we have a fairly good day in the city of atlanta. live pictures there. we have the busiest airport, really, in the world right here at hartsfield-jackson. i worried what would happen if i didn't... start taking care of my heart, but i wasn't ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice... is the name of the game. honey nut cheerios cereal... tastes great and can help... lower cholesterol. i guess i can do this. bee happy. bee healthy.
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all right. the leftovers finally dwindling, thif thanksgiving weekend finally wrapping up. thousands of folks up in the air. >> will the weather cooperate on your journey home today? let's check in with reynolds wolf, in the cnn weather center. tell us good news?
8:21 am
>> good news is that for much of the eastern seaboard and much of the west coast, conditions should be okay for many people. the problem that we're going to have are going to stem from the great lakes clear down to the mid-mississippi valley and along the gulf coast. could have serious issues in many of those spots which means for thousands or millions of americans, their going to be delayed on many of their flights. let's give you the rundown of what we have for the time being. you can expect delays later on today for all your new york metros, boston, philadelphia, not just wind this morning, but also the sheer volume of all the people headed off to the airport, getting on those planes and taking off. also, we could see backups in st. louis, detroit, memphis due to low clouds and the rain. and then in dallas and houston, we're going to see not only the chance for rain, but possibly some thunderstorms too by the late afternoon hours. that's the big stackups we could be dealing with. when it comes to a travel story, or any story, there are often different levels, different ways you can cover it. this is one version we have of it, but the best way is to maybe getting to the ground itself,
8:22 am
getting to one of these spots like o'hare airport. it's early out there. we've got erin mendez from o'hare. she's at the wgn affiliate. what's the latest we have at the airport? >> reporter: we had quite a hefty line a couple of minutes ago. luckily, the deal is not weather here. we were expecting a little bit of rain here this morning throughout chicagoland. looks like that's tapered off and right now this flight board is looking pretty good at this point. the big issue is volume. sheer numbers of passengers. o'hare will hit its speak with 72,000 passengers coming through. and what you see here at o'hare is just a warm-up. o'hare looking at 200,000 people squeezing through here by tomorrow. hopefully that weather with hold. >> what's the mood? any tempers so far? anyone arguing with gate agents or good so far for the time being? >> reporter: so far, so good. a little he couldn'tness.
8:23 am
>> by this afternoon, temperatures change a little bit, to say the least. great job. something else to remember, when you go to the airport and wait in line, do small things, take off your watch, shoes, belt, put it in the tub, it makes the line go a lot faster for a lot of people and people aren't quite as grouchy. it's all about speed. let's send it back to you guys. >> it is. and people who are frequent travelers, as you know, a lot of us are, you got a system down. you know not to get behind the folks with the two kids and the stroller. they're going to take a minute. you've got to have a strategy. >> and help out. we're not neighbors, but say we are, especially in a place like that. moving, thriving communities, all these airports. it always helps to be kind to your friends and neighbors. >> very, very good point. >> great advice. thanks, reynolds. >> i'm all about the love. >> he is. more love now for john king.
8:24 am
let's give him some love. this is your washington buddy. this is one of your partners in crime occus up there in d.c. >> that's right. and he's getting ready for "state of the union" coming up next hour. john, what do you have on tap? obviously, afghanistan going to be a huge topic today. >> i was listening to reynolds, i was going to take off my watch and shoes and go through "state of the union" security to move things along. bri, i hope he's taking care of you down there. t.j., you a good host? >> i am. southern hospitality on displace down here. >> we are going to spend a lot of time on afghanistan. the president has a huge speech to the american people tuesday night. we're told by sources across the administration, he will announce he's going to send upwards of 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. he's also going to say he expects the nato allies to pitch in. this is a tough one for the president. he's going to try to convince the american people that sending more troops is the best way to get out of afghanistan as soon as possible. there's a policy challenge for
8:25 am
the president. a huge political challenge for the president. we'll have two of the sharpest minds in the united states senate on foreign policy and military affairs with us. richard lugar from indiana, and jack reed of rhode island. the president will give his speech at west point tuesday night, jack reed happens to be a west point graduate who was a member of the 82nd airborne back in the day. >> john, all the criticism was about, up to this point, the president hasn't made a decision. as soon as he makes the decision and we hear it, then the criticism is going to be of the actual decision he makes. what can we expect to come from the other side, from the critics, as soon as he starts talking on tuesday night? >> i would expect some conservatives to say, what took you so long? why did it take three months from getting general mcchrystal's recommendation to make your decision. but his biggest critics will come from the left. people will say, look, president karzai ran an election that was not clean. president karzai has a history of corruption.
8:26 am
president karzai has not done enough to fight the opium and heroin trade in aversion. so why should we send tens of thousands more u.s. troops and spend billions more dollars in afghanistan? the president's biggest challenge will be quieting the anti-war left of his own democratic party. and another thing we'll discuss today on the show, t.j. and brian brianna, a member of congress, chairman david obey, he opposes sending more troops. but he says, if the president is going to send more troops, it should be transparent to the american people what this is costing them every single day. he wants a separate war tax so you could look out separately and say, here's the price of war, here's the price of everything else in the united states government. he says that would help make the case that this better be an efficient policy and get the troops out as soon as possible. >> and that would put the president in a politically tough situation. so we know you'll press him on that. but we have to ask him while we have you about this party crashers story. this couple that ended up going to the state dinner on tuesday night. you go to the white house a lot, so you can tell us sort of your thoughts on this.
8:27 am
any word on the mood from the secret service, just how much trouble these agents are in? >> well, they're embarrassed. and the director of the secret service, mark sullivan, put it that way in his own statement. he said, we are terribly embarrassed about this and trying to get to the bottom of it. when you go to these big social events, there's secret service, go through the megaometers. there's secret service officers there, and always someone from the white house staff as well with a clipboard. you walk up, say, i'm john king, check you on the list, show a photo i.d., the staffer sends you there. somewhere, there was a breakdown in the system. or there was a breakdown in communication between the staff and the secret service. we need to wait for all the details, but without a doubt, the secret service is highly embarrassed and the white house has to issue a statement saying the president has full confidence in the secret service. if you're the secret service, you're cringing at that. it will be very interesting to see how they connect the dots
8:28 am
and tell us exactly what happened here. >> full confidence. >> come on, john, you don't have to show your i.d. anymore at the white house. >> absolutely, bud. every time. >> all right, john, always good to see you. we'll see you in about half an hour. john king, "state of the union," coming up right here at 9:00 on cnn. still ahead, "faces of faith." the faces of jesus in the most unexpected of places. y where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body to block the pain, without interfering with certain high blood pressure medicines like aleve sometimes can. ♪ so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ been putting our clients first. according to a leading independent research firm, in 2009 clients rated wells fargo advisors
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good morning, again. and welcome back to this "cnn sunday morning," everybody. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brianna keilar in for betty nguyen. millions of people hitting the roads this morning, heading to the airport. keep an eye on the bottom of your screen there for the travel forecast. also, reynolds wolf will be joining us in ten minutes for a
8:32 am
full weather update. >> another story we are keeping an eye on, a lot of people curious about, police wanting another chance to talk to tiger woods about his suv crash. his wife already told them she smashed a window of that vehicle to get him out after his little accident. >> this has become a very public moment for a very private woman. and our don lemon tells us she's tried her very best to stay out of the spotlight. >> reporter: former swedish model met tiger woods during the british open during 2001. she had been working as an au pair for jasper ponovich. in 2003, the couple surprised woods' fans by announcing their engagement and they were married in barbados one year later. then, controversy. nude photos of a woman resemble her showed up on the internet. she denied it was her and woods defended her. >> it's hard to be diplomatic about this when there's so much emotion involved. >> reporter: the photos were not
8:33 am
of her and one of the magazines involved apologized. >> it's just that sometimes, you just don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. that's sometimes what happens. and i think this was a clear incident of that. my wife is an extension of me and we're in it together. we are a team. and we do things as a team and i care about her with all my heart. >> reporter: in june of 2007, the couple announced the birth of their first child, a little girl named sam alexis woods, born just one day after daddy woods finished second in the 2007 u.s. open. and earlier this year, elen gave birth to a little boy named charlie axle. >> investigators were supposed to talk to woods and his wife yesterday, but his agent postponed the interview physical today. you've heard people ask that
8:34 am
question, "what would jesus do?" veteran fashion photographer is amendme attempting to answer that question. he's come up with some provocative images. these images do force you to ask the question, what would jesus do? >> throughout my career, i've felt this calling. >> reporter: michael belk also knew he could do more with his talent. a successful 30-year career as a photographe photographer, belk grew accustomed to the jet-set lifestyle. >> in hawaii one day, in new york in a meeting the next day and i didn't know how to come down from that, living at that place. and that's when the burnout came. >> reporter: his burnout gave way to soul searching and reaffirming his christian faith. >> as my faith grew over the years, that message started coming home a lot more. what are you doing with all that i gave you? >> reporter: belk sought the advice of several bible scholars about the teachings of christ
8:35 am
and had a revelation. he could use his gift to encourage more dialogue about faith. >> the whole idea was to tie the 21st century relevance of the first century message. jesus did not come to start a religion. okay? jesus came to share messages about life. >> reporter: he traveled to ma dara, italy, in 2008, taking some time for a different kind of photo shoot. this area was the setting for the film "the passion of the christ." belk thought it was the perfect setting for his own newfound passion. and this time, italian actor sergio munez would depict jesus christ. >> every one of the images started as a message first and was a message that i felt like i was supposed to share in a unique way. i had this idea, this vision of what would be more difficult than for a jewish person to
8:36 am
forgive the nazis for the holocaust? and my wife tried to talk me out of that image and so did some of my friends, but i just felt like it was a very important image to show. >> i stepped back to say, how am i supposed to forgive these people for what they did? >> reporter: for this rabbi, the picture stirred memories and immediately challenged his faith. >> the hurt is there, but sometimes we need it to come to light, come to the surface and pictures like this will help us think about, what would our god want us to do? would he want us to continue to hate? >> some made me challenge with jesus carrying a rifle, a weapon, but what i saw was jesus has disarmed the soldier, had d disarmed a group that caused harm to so many. >> reporter: he recognizes the conflict the photo may arouse in so many minds, but hopes they don't miss the bigger picture. >> if they are able to stretch,
8:37 am
if they are able to push beyond what has happened to them and understand what god is trying to do through them, then they will see it through a different lens. i hope that people will come and look at these images and look past religion, look past you know different faiths and look into the images and hear the messages just for what they are. karl azuz, always good to welcome on sunday. one of our stars here at cnn, who has a very important job of taking this information and bring it to the students across the country. good morning. good to see you. >> thank you both for having me. >> and one of the things we're talking about today is geography. there's a lot of us who know we're probably not as good as we should be at geography, but this is really an issue that students need to learn it as they move through that age range. that's where they retain a lot of it. >> there was a study a few years back in 2006.
8:38 am
after a few years of the war in iraq, many americans, age 18 to 24, couldn't pinpoint that country on a map. we make extensive use of maps like this one to help students get it. there you see us moving from the united states to china. this was last week. we had stories in china, northern ireland, and then palestinian-controlled territory of gaza is coming up after that. and we used all of these maps on our program to help students see where these countries are in relation to each other. we understand they go pretty fast, so coming up right here is another map that anyone can download at there you see a curious map of china, surrounding nations, and we hope that teachers, parents at home will use this to help america's young people get a sense of where these countries are and the countries around them as well. >> it's a shame. brianna said a lot of us probably not as good as we should be, but to hear those numbers about something that's been in the news every day for the past eight years and people still don't know where iraq is
8:39 am
sometimes. we were talking about this week, it seemed we were talking about the party crashers up in d.c., talking about afghanistan a lot. what were students, though, talking about? were they talking about the same things? what was on their brains? >> we had a story last week about lincoln university in pennsylvania. they have a course controversy up there. it requires students who have a bmi -- they're tested when they're freshman, what their body mass index is -- students with a bmi of 30 or higher is required to take a walking, fitness course. do this and you'll graduate. they don't have to lower their bmi, but it has generated some controversy with some students on our facebook page. they're saying, this is discriminatory. you can't require just some students to take a class based on their bmi. another student saying, you know, the attention is good. maybe this will help students be more aware of their health and things they need to do to stay healthy. and we have a student named
8:40 am
hassan said, are we going to school to become educated or to become fit? obviously, he's opposed to this, but if you ask the school, they're saying, we're one in the same. we're helping your education but helping you be educated about things that keep you in shape. i don't know if there's a right answer, but it definitely got a lot of response at >> and helping you lead a long life so you can enjoy your education. >> here's hoping. >> carl azuz, thank you so much for joining us. >> always good stuff to get us thinking. next, another check of the morning's top stories. and nuclear of flying with h1n1 germs all around. ording tog independent research firm, in 2009 clients rated wells fargo advisors the #1 u.s investment firm for doing what's best for them. with advisors nearby and nationwide, we're with you when you need advice and planning expertise to meet today's challenges. wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far.
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it is what is standing between us and cybermonday. and a lot of people and cybermonday. it's travel sunday, i think we'll call it. and reynolds wolf, you're going to be on the road today, a lot of people flying. reynolds wolf, what is in store for them? >> on parts of the east coast and parts of the west coast, conditions are going to look fine. but if you have any connections going through parts of the center of the u.s., through maybe chicago, maybe through st. louis, you're going to have some issues there, making those connecting flights. here's what we have right now. in new york metros, boston, philadelphia, you're going to have some issues, just during the morning hours with the wind, but into the afternoon, that situation will improve. the problem is, although the weather will be better at that point, that's when the sheer
8:43 am
volume of the people will pick up, because most of your flights will be later in the morning and the afternoon. for st. louis, detroit, memphis, issues with low clouds and rain. dallas, houston, maybe showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. if you're just driving, probably the most treacherous driving spot we'll be seeing is the drive going from denver to albuquerque. you'll run into the chance of seeing heavy snowfall, some places up to a foot of snow, southern end of the rocky mountains. that could give you whiteout conditions. already in this corner of the world, we have quite a few winter storm warnings that are in effect at this moment. we also have rough conditions through parts of the sierra nevada, not due to snow, but the strong winds through the sierra nevada, especially through parts of i-80. those are two big trouble spots travel wise, but the airlines will be a big headache for people today and tomorrow. more coming up right here on "cnn sunday morning."
8:44 am
8:45 am
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together we'll go far. millions of americans traveling this holiday weekend. and some are bringing extra carry-ones, like germs, viruses, and other nasty stuff. >> yeah. something to worry about when you fly, of course. and this year, the h1n1 flu has a lot of passengers pretty freaked out, but our jeanne meserve has tips for traveling without getting sick. >> reporter: as if anyone needs another reason to stress about holiday travel, now h1n1 anxiety is part of the mix. >> there was this lady that was sitting like across the aisle from me, blowing her nose. and i was like, all right, i'm glad we have that kind of distance, you know. because i don't want to get sick and there's no way to get away from it while you're on a plane. >> this animation from purdue university shows how a sneeze
8:47 am
propels around airplanes. government health officials say wash your hands often, don't touch your eyes or nose, cover your cough, and don't travel if you're sick. >> don't get on a crowded plane and spread the wealth. it's time to stay home. >> reporter: airlines have briefed crews about h1n1. airtran even enlisted a former head of the centers for disease control to answer employee questions. >> can i contract swine flu from loading bags? >> maurice, the bags will not transmit the flu. >> reporter: but flight crew vigilance has inconvenienced a small number of passengers. this woman had an upset stomach and was taken off a united flight. >> the crew does not feel good about you flying, because you might be sick. i didn't know they were all physicians. >> reporter: it turned out she did not have h1n1, but united says it removed her as a precaution, to protect the health of other passengers.
8:48 am
despite the specter of h1n1 infection, many thanksgiving travelers are undeterred and unconcerned. >> something you've got to live with and you've got to make some adjustments and you can't let it stop your life. >> if it's going to happen, it's going to happen and there's no reason to get, you know, so uptight about it. >> reporter: if you get on an airplane and the person next to you is obviously sick, you can ask to have your seat reassi reassigned, but flights are so jammed this holiday period, there might not another seat on your flight or the next flight or even the flight after that, so you may end up in a very different kind of predicament. jeanne meserve, cnn, reagan national airport. well, h1n1, that's not the only thing travelers out there are worried about these days. >> certainly not. reynolds wolf returning with another check of the forecast when we come right back. red, well, no one wants that. black, on the other hand, has strength. black is always in style. it's what business looks best in. black is where growth and success happen, and it's easier to get there and stay there
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8:51 am
reynolds wolf is in the cnn weather center with our latest travel, as well as weather forecast. reynolds, what's up? >> the latest we've got, this is our flight tracker, and it is part of the united states, we're seeing parts of the eastern seaboard and into the great lakes. every single blue airplane you see here is a plane that's taking off, midflight, or landing. so it's a busy time out there. this is really busy. right now it looks like penicillin growing in a petri dish. getting really nuts. scott is our photojournalist. if you can see this area, up here in towards chicago, you're seeing a little bit of green mixed in with the bluish
8:52 am
airplanes. that green is some scattered showers. those showers will be moving through and i will not be surprised if we eventually see delays in places like chicago. chicago will not be the only spot. see places like detroit, back into dallas, even houston, and for drivers, parts of the four corners, especially new mexico, colorado, and arizona where you might have some backups in a few places on the roadways. certainly be careful out there. and can't say this enough, be kind to your neighbors. a lot of them stacked up in those airports. you'll see the delays not only in new york, boston, philadelphia, chicago. st. louis, detroit, memphis, dallas and houston, primarily for a chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon hours. that's a wrap on your forecast. good luck out there on the roadways and flying. keeping our fingers crossed and better you guys than me. let's send it back to you guys. >> better me than all you guys. >> it's a crazy travel day. >> but bring a book, get to the airport early, and know you'll probably have to wait longer than normal. just the way it goes. >> got to be patient. now we head to alaska where
8:53 am
sarah palin's breaking book sales records and reopening old political wounds. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. 154 are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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8:55 am
well, the temperatures may be cold in alaska, but sarah palin's book, it still is pretty hot, especially in certain pockets of the former governor's state. >> we're talking about fairbanks there. her only competition out there is harry potter, something like that. >> "twilight". >> yeah. cnn's john king explains to us why this thing is catching fire. >> reporter: wasilla's famous resident lives across this shimmering lake. her image, still a smiling life-sized calling card at the local chamber of commerce.
8:56 am
it's mostly back to normal a year after the big election, but to visit pandemonium book sellers is to be reminded that wasilla, like the rest of america, is preparing for the next installment of the sarah palin debate. >> i think it will stir it up a little bit. >> reporter: "going rogue" is shattering records and reignited the political divide. >> people either completely have her on a pedestal or don't like her. it's not too much in the middle. you'll have some people, oh, she's just an amazing woman, i can't believe what she's accomplished, and that sort of thing. >> reporter: and the flip side? >> i can't stand her. >> reporter: palin's fast political rise has been good for business here. books on her tenure as governor are in the alaska section and other political titles sell more now too. >> i have a little bit of everything. i have "the audacity of hope." and during the election, you'd find that people bought both, you know? they were comparing. >> reporter: palin calendars are
8:57 am
a big seller at the moment and post-election political sales tend to reflect what silalaska' conservative position. >> as new governor sean parnell tries to make his own mark, he like everyone else in alaska is waiting for the next palin chapter. >> i can say nothing accept i wish her the best. she treated me and her fellow alaskans so well and looked out for us well. >> reporter: do you as governor pick up the phone and say, hmm, this is a tough one, seek her advice, or have you both sort of moved on? >> we keep in touch, on a personal basis. >> are you going to read the book? >> of course, i'm going to read the book. >> reporter: not everyone here is a palin fan, of course. democratic senator mark begich
8:58 am
among those who choose their words carefully. >> i don't know what her future's going to be. i'll let the public make that decision. >> reporter: are you going to read the book? >> i don't know. you know, i've got so many other -- i've got a health care bill to read. >> reporter: fireside books is in palmer, a short drive from wasilla. owner david cheeseum is a democrat and thought he had a chance at winning a race for the state house last year. >> the thought was, republicans aren't that excited about john mccain, i might be able to get some votes here where otherwise i wouldn't. and then she came in and ran for vice president and at that point, there's just no way. and i lost dramatically. >> reporter: you don't seem to hold it against her too much. >> no, no. not if she sells a bunch of books here. >> reporter: proof that all politics is local, even as the debate about sarah palin's national ambitions opens its next chapter. john king, cnn, palmer, alaska.
8:59 am
>> all right. it's time for us now to thank miss brianna keilar for hanging out this weekend. appreciate your being here. >> i had a lot of fun being here. >> out and putting in these hours. and good luck getting to chicago. >> good to be here. "state of the union" coming up at the top of the hour. but first, a quick check of the morning's headlines. first, president obama unveiling his afghanistan strategy tuesday night during a prime time speech at west point. president expected to announce plans to send roughly 34,000 more troops to afghanistan. cnn, of course, will bring you live coverage of the speech at 8:00 eastern time. our special coverage, however, will begin at 7:00 eastern time. also, investigators will return today to tiger woods' home near orlando. they want to question him about that single-car accident he was involved in near his home early friday morning. police intend to interview him and his wife. they planned to do it yesterday, but woods' agents told him he was unavailable.


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